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Volvo P130 P220 (B20) Parts catalogue



Group 01 Foreword and catalogue instructions PDF 1.56MB
Group 02a Engine PDF 1.88MB
Group 02b Cooling system PDF 620KB
Group 02c Fuel and exhaust systems PDF 2.44MB
Group 02d Engine control linkages PDF 640KB
Group 03 Electrical equipment and instruments PDF 5.88MB
Group 04 Power train PDF 4.65MB
Group 05 Brakes PDF 2.62MB
Group 06 Front axle, wheels, hubs and steering PDF 1.76MB
Group 07 Frame and springs PDF 91KB
Group 08a Body P130 PDF 7.2MB
Group 08a Body P220 PDF 8.5MB
Group 09 Miscellaneous equipment PDF 1.14MB
Group 10 Registers and repair kits PDF 4.35MB

Volvo P120 P130 P220 (B18) Parts catalogue

Group 1 Foreword PDF 1.51MB
Group 2a Engine PDF 2.35MB
Group 2b Cooling system PDF 0.77MB
Group 2c Fuel system PDF 5.86MB
Group 2d Engine control linkages PDF 1.72MB
Group 3 Electrical equipment instruments PDF 9.57MB
Group 4 Power train PDF 14.01MB
Group 5 Brakes PDF 5.45MB
Group 6 Front axle wheels steering PDF 2.88MB
Group 8a Body P120 P130 PDF 23.65MB
Group 8b Body P220 PDF 13.77MB
Group 9 Miscellaneous equipment PDF 2.35MB
Group 10 Bosch equipment PDF 4.75MB
Group 11b Numerical register PDF 7.85MB
Group 11c Repair kits PDF 3.59MB

Volvo P120 (B16) Parts catalogue

Group 1 Foreword and abbreviations PDF 293KB
Group 2a Engine PDF 2.48MB
Group 2b Cooling system PDF 709KB
Group 2c Fuel and exhaust systems PDF 2.82MB
Group 2d Engine control linkages PDF 1.70MB
Group 3 Electrical equipment and instruments PDF 6.83MB
Group 4 Power train and rear axle PDF 8.54MB
Group 5 Brakes PDF 3.05MB
Group 6 Front axle wheels steering gear PDF 2.72MB
Group 8 Body PDF 13.37MB
Group 9 Miscellaneous equipment PDF 1.93MB
Group 10 Register PDF 3.99MB

Parts catalogue for police cars
Format Size

Special Catalogue for Police cars PDF 26.0MB

Custom accessories
Format Size

Enjoy your Volvo even more with custom accessories PDF 16.04MB

Genuine Volvo Parts
Format Size

Genuine Volvo parts 1962 - 1972

RA 32200-110.

PDF 16.39MB
Genuine Volvo Accessories 1965
Format Size

Volvo accessories CA 6/65 PDF 28.4MB

Genuine Volvo Accessories 1971 Format Size Format Size

Group 1   Luggage PDF 1.61MB Word 1.63MB
Group 2   Lighting PDF 10.73MB Word 10.82MB
Group 3   Vehicle maintenance PDF 6.48MB Word 6.54MB
Group 4   Comfort, interior PDF 7.45MB Word 8.03MB
Group 5   Radio PDF 2.29MB Word 2.31MB
Group 6   Road safety PDF 5.53MB Word 5.52MB
Group 7   Cold climate articles PDF 4.22MB Word 4.26MB
Group 8   Miscellaneous PDF 4.71MB Word 4.76MB
Group 9   Spare parts PDF 5.26MB Word 5.31MB

Genuine Volvo Accessories 1973 Format Size Format Size

P10   Stowage, cargo, luggage PDF 11.67MB Word 11.76MB
P20   Lighting, electrical equipment PDF 7.06MB Word 7.12MB
P30   Repair and maintenance items PDF 10.22MB Word 10.30MB
P40   Comfort PDF 4.19MB Word 4.23MB
P50   Stereo PDF 9.32MB Word 9.39MB
P60   Road safety, child safety, anti-theft PDF 4.99MB Word 5.03MB
P70   Climate - Cold weather accessories PDF 3.23MB Word 3.26MB
P80   Climate - Warm weather accessories PDF 1.72MB Word 1.74MB
P90   Sporting accessories, trim, wheels PDF 3.98MB Word 4.02MB
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